17. September 2015

Fun stuff with Docker

  • Finished a Dockerfile from yesterday that contains youtube-dl and drive, a Linux cli client for Google Drive. Basically, you can download Youtube videos and store them in your Google Drive. Why? I’m not sure yet.

  • Created my [first automated build in Docker Hub] using my shiny new Dockerfile.

11. September 2015

Open the Windows

Giving Windows (Windows 10) another chance today as I am having a lot of issues with my 3 year Mac Book Pro suddenly rebooting without warning and starting to really dislike OSX in general. I must say, Microsoft is turning over a new leaf I’m kind of liking it.


08. September 2015


  • Learned about ncdu for analyzing an entire disks usage.

  • Added ‘git config –global credential.helper cache’ for caching Github password. Usually I used ssh for git cloning, but something like this will make it easy to break away

  • Dug into how BASH history works, added some nifty config stuff to my .bashrc to save my bash history under a datetime file structure, which should, theorectically allow me to save it all forever. At some point, I would like to enhance it and see add hostname and even tmux sessions names if possible.

  • Figured out that if you want to attach to a tmux session, you can type something like ‘tmux attach -t dot’ + and it will try to match with the appropriately named session, for instance in this case ‘dotfiles’. I usually attached to the shortest session name, then use cmd + s to change to whatever target. Man, life is good.


04. September 2015

A Simplier Snake

I’ve been wanting to do some web scraping using Python and Beautiful Soup, but ran into issues right off the bat with incompatible Python2 and Python3 pip installs. So I decided to take a step back and brush up on some Python basics. Luckily, I came across pyenv and pyvenv, which helps solve the problem of python versions, and pyvenv, which is a plugin for managing Python virtual environments.


02. September 2015

Vagrant/VirtualBox setup

Finally got around to getting Virtualbox and Vagrant set up on a Windows machine I have. Could not run “vagrant up” though, ended up being an issue with needing to enable VTX in the machine BIOS. Looks good now, charging forward with virtualization.