A Simplier Snake

Written by Bradley Bossard

I’ve been wanting to do some web scraping using Python and Beautiful Soup, but ran into issues right off the bat with incompatible Python2 and Python3 pip installs. So I decided to take a step back and brush up on some Python basics. Luckily, I came across pyenv and pyvenv, which helps solve the problem of python versions, and pyvenv, which is a plugin for managing Python virtual environments.

Previously, I have been using virtualenvwrapper, which is nice but I don’t like how it has so many verbs to cloud up your shell namespace (workon, mkvirtualenv, setproject, etc, there are like 20). pyvenv keeps it more tidy, so I think that’s a big improvement.

To test these out and not muck up my existing Ubuntu box, I decided to create a Docker file with all the necessary dependencies and a couple versions of Python. Now to get back to the business of web scraping.