Written by Bradley Bossard

  • Learned about ncdu for analyzing an entire disks usage.

  • Added ‘git config –global credential.helper cache’ for caching Github password. Usually I used ssh for git cloning, but something like this will make it easy to break away

  • Dug into how BASH history works, added some nifty config stuff to my .bashrc to save my bash history under a datetime file structure, which should, theorectically allow me to save it all forever. At some point, I would like to enhance it and see add hostname and even tmux sessions names if possible.

  • Figured out that if you want to attach to a tmux session, you can type something like ‘tmux attach -t dot’ + and it will try to match with the appropriately named session, for instance in this case ‘dotfiles’. I usually attached to the shortest session name, then use cmd + s to change to whatever target. Man, life is good.