Open the Windows

Written by Bradley Bossard

Giving Windows (Windows 10) another chance today as I am having a lot of issues with my 3 year Mac Book Pro suddenly rebooting without warning and starting to really dislike OSX in general. I must say, Microsoft is turning over a new leaf I’m kind of liking it.

So, with Windows 10, they finally added native support for multiple desktops, and it really boots pretty fast, not just b/c I have a quad-core 3.2GHz machine, I’ve been impressed how well it works on my Voyo Mini PC (Bay Trail processor?) as well.

B/c I generally only use two applications on my client machine anyway (Chrome & a shell), it’s important that there are good options for these regardless of what OS I’m using. Chrome is the same on either, and on Windows I’m using Cygwin, which has a handy little feature of the Alt + Enter hotkey for going full screen, which lets me really focus on coding.

With the multiple desktops (Ctrl+Windows+Left/Right arrow to change, Windows+Tab to create a new one), Windows 10 is starting to really emulate the way I am used to working on OSX, and the workspace change is a little snappier.