28. August 2015


  • Just when you think life can’t get any better, you discover something like tmux plugins
  • AWS is cool. I may never buy a physical computer again! (Spoiler: Yeah, right).


26. August 2015

Clouding around

  • Been doing a lot of app launching via one-click installs from Bitnami
  • Launched the Bitnami ownCloud package on AWS
  • Went through process of updating the ownCloud version
  • Wondered if there are ownCloud alternatives, tried the 1-click install for ResourceSpace, looks weak
  • Read up on Google Container Engine and Kubernetes, got a $300 credit

25. August 2015

Smoking Cyggies

I have a project that requires Junos Pulse as a VPN client. It quit working for me on OSX, so I decided to setup old seldomly-used Win 7 machine for this task. Since I despise Windows shell (even Powershell) and love tmux so much, I began wondering if I could use cygwin to run it as an alternative to putty.


23. August 2015

Getting started

  • Set up Wintersmith blog.
  • Configured nginx to point to build version of blog
  • Created a script to automatically generate an article based on todays date with index.md template
  • Upated Ubuntu machine to 14.04 before attempting install of VirtuaBox/Vagrant on Ubuntu

02. February 2012

Markdown syntax

Full markdown syntax taken from John Gruber’s Daring Fireball. Did you know that 9 out of 10 bloggers prefer to write in markdown?